Saturday, December 04, 2004

Jesus Hates You

I admit that I watch too much FOX News. This morning, Tony Snow interviewed the head of The Committee to Save Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas is a death row inmate, accused of killing his wife and three children by way of chainsaw. The crime captivated the region and when Merry was finally captured, Americans, collectively, exhaled a great sigh of relief. However, many believe that Mr. Christmas was wrongly accused and that DNA evidence could exonerate this grieving husband and father of a crime he did not commit. Or not. The committee is currently boycotting Macy's and other Federated department stores (Bloomingdale's, Burdine's, etc.) because they wish customers "happy holidays" during the four or five month barrage that is the "Christmas season" as opposed to wishing them "Merry Christmas." Snow, in solid fair and balanced mode, opined that perhaps it was more offensive to not wish people "merry christmas" because, after all, "85%" of the country is Christian and by appealing more to the concerns of that other 15%, we are being overly PC? Bigoted? Shrug. This is David LImbaugh/Pat Robertson/Ann Coulter territory, where in Christians are the most oppressed people in the world. Not wanting to write much more about this, I will relate my favorite story relating to such Christmas shenanigans. I was in the ninth grade and it was early December. A girl in the class, in some kind of open discussion led by my teacher (who happened to play Jesus in public access Christian programs), asked, "What's this Chanukah?" (pronouncing the "ch" as one would when saying chocolate and the entire word as if she was vomiting up something that she hoped to look at afterwards to solve the mystery of what had caused her to throw up) She followed up this thoughtful question with the comment, "I mean, I just don't understand why everyone can't just be the same." This quote came from the only black girl in the class and one of maybe fifty black people in the entire school. Thank you and goodnight.
  • Links: Reclaim America, Concerned Women for America, Michael J. Gaynor, and FOX News.


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